Cultivating the local abundance of world cultures and culinary heritages...


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and assist refugees and immigrants to offer cooking classes and workshops that will provide them with an empowering and enriching path to meaningful income. This income will not only take care of the essential needs of their families, but also finance their specific goals, whether it is securing employment, starting a business, or providing financial assistance to family still in dire conditions abroad. 

Our vision

  • To cultivate the abundance of world cultures and culinary heritages present in the local area, which have Providentially been brought to Cleveland as refugees and immigrants.
  • To shares these cultures with the local community as a way of enriching and empowering the immigrant population.
  • Foster growth in the community by using local and seasonal ingredients in all classes, sourced through local farmers, producers, and markets.
  • To disciple members of the refugee and immigrant community in their small business endeavors and become an entrepreneurial incubator.